Vision statement: Contributing to nation building through eradication of illiteracy and alleviation of poverty.
Mission statement: rTSF is committed to providing scholastic opportunities to indigent students, restoring hope and bringing the light of the gospel to the world.


Reverend Tony Akinyemi Scholarship Foundation (rTSF) was originally a project, which was voluntarily initiated by friends of Reverend Tony Akinyemi with no influence from the Reverend. It was borne out of respect and honour for the man who doggedly fought his way through lack and poverty to attain educational excellence having gained two degrees in Arts and Science. Tony comes from a very humble background and understands the pain and insecurity of a brilliant child whose parent cannot afford to send to school because he was there himself.

It is NOT a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO).


Reverend Tony Akinyemi Scholarship Foundation is a philanthropic organisation tailored towards ensuring that gifted children are given the opportunity to attain the highest educational qualification within their capacity. It includes provision of education assistance to financially needy dependents of people affected by disasters including but not limited to those with health-related challenges and physical disabilities.

Children in Nigeria, West coast of Africa constitute the primary prospects.
The organisation was founded in 2007 and an official charter was executed on the 1st of May 2008 to coincide with the birthday of Rev. Tony Akinyemi
The goal is to support a minimum of 500 gifted children and students per annum by 2020.
Eligibility Guidelines
1. Scholarship shall be available only to students who are academically sound and indigent
2. Benefiting students will be required to submit themselves to mentoring.
3. Under the scope of the scholarship program, students shall have the opportunity to attend any accredited secondary or post-secondary school (for four-year study in a university or polytechnic, vocational-technical school, trade school) they choose, within Nigeria. Scholarships will also be available for elementary school.
4. To encourage academic excellence, students’ grades are criteria for determining continued eligibility.
5. Scholarships are not applied to repay past student loans.

The organization raises funds from organisations and individuals of good report.

Some of the Awardees:

1 Favour Maduakolam: born on the 6th of April, 1996 currently attends Mercy-King Scholar Academy Lagos. Her mother is a petty trader. Favour an intelligent girl with a promising future who by the grace of God will achieve her aspiration to practice as a Gynecologist. Her Hobbies are Reading and Singing. She will be graduating 2011/2012 academic session, after three years of rTSF sponsorship.

2 Miracle Thompson: a 15year old student of Regina Mundi Girls Secondary School, Iwo Osun State. Her late Father hailed from Ifedore LGA, Ondo State and her mother is a petty trader. Miracle is intelligent and hardworking; she aspires to be a journalist and newscaster. Her hobbies are hair making, reading and singing. She will be graduating 2011/2012 academic session, after three years of rTSF sponsorship.

3 David Akinsola was born in 1992, a student of Novena University, Ogume. David was faced with a challenge of losing his place in school due to financial challenges and could have ended up a frustrated young man with a burning passion to be a Lawyer. rTSf intervened to give succour and assistance to help him achieve his dream of becoming a lawyer in the mould of Gani Fawehinmi. He will be graduating 2011/2012 academic session, after four years of rTSF sponsorship.

4 Ebun Olaiya is the last child of three children of her widow mother. Ebun was born on the first of February 1998 and she is in SS 1 at African Church Model College. With the absence of her Father the family breadwinner, the pressure of her education rested on her mother. Ebun is a talented child with a passion for developing young people, she aspires to be an economist.

5 David Olayiwola is 8 years old and the first son of a Music Evangelist and a mother who is a petty trader. A bright and precocious child in pry3 of Abio Nursery & Primary School whose ambition is to explore the outer space as an Astronaut. His hobby is singing
6 Hadiza Bulama; born 24 years ago, a Muslim from a family of 10. Hadiza is the daughter of immigrant Muslim parents from Damboa LGA, Borno State. Her Father is a Petty Trader and her Mother operates a roadside “Buka” as a Food vendor. Hadiza has by dint of hard work and Academic excellence overcome odds in life to gain admission into the University. However this could have been truncated due to inadequate finances but for the intervention of rTSf. She enjoyed the scholarship from 2010/2011 session to 2011/2012 session.
7 Aribisala Oluwadamilola; is a brilliant 16 year old SS3 student of Victory Grammar School. An intensely focused young child, Damilola’s ambition to save lives has fired a desire to become a Medical Doctor. Her hobbies are reading and making friends. She will be graduating 2011/2012 academic session, after three years of rTSF sponsorship.
8 Fatimehin Febisola is brilliant with good academic record, a student of Victory High School, Ikeja. Fabisola has a heart for helping the downtrodden and has a great desire to help uplift the disadvantaged by becoming a professional legal practitioner – Lawyer. She graduated 2010/2011 academic session, after two years of rTSF sponsorship.

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